Disaster Recovery

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2. Disaster Recovery plans

Disaster Recovery is all about, as the name suggests, trying to revert your systems to a state of pre-disaster, i.e. when everything was in working order.

Firstly, design your DR plan by thinking about your most critical IT systems. Secondly, link that to your business continuity plans and thirdly, check and test them regularly. Ideally, testing should be conducted twice per annum but at least once very year. Ensure there is a DR envocation plan and that those instructions contain:

1. Supplier contact names and telephone numbers

2. Your personnel names for envocation of the service

3. Systems that are covered and what is equipment is available

4. Date of last successful test  

these details need to be displayed within the IT department and should be easily accessible offsite by key members of your staff, in the case of an emergency.


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