1. 3-12 month IT Strategy

Once I know and understand the priorities of the business and how my own staff view the IT systems, the next step is to capture this knowledge in a document.

Study the IT systems one by one by one and ascertain whether they are delivering the business benefits that they set out to achieve by looking at the original project documentation.  Contact the users, send out appropriate surveys and look at existing standards within the industry. Look at employing a good consultancy to benchmark your systems against others within your industry.

Look for, “quick wins”. For example, if the desktop operating system is quite old, replace it. This is highly visible and once the benefits are communicated and realised, your position is secured. Keep the better systems and strategise to decommision/upgrade systems that are not aligned to the business vision. Start to survey the market to identify systems that will deliver the business vision.

Present the new strategy to the board and get it rubber stamped.


About mubbisherahmed
I am passionate about IT and its ability to deliver cost effective, value for money solutions that can enhance performance and in many cases provide competitive advantage by using a range of solutions and approaches in innovative ways.

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