2.3 12-24 month IT Strategy

Now I need to consider how to create relationships both internally and with external suppliers.

The secret is to not only to communicate the successes to the wider internal community by newsletters, intranet, blogs etc and externally by regular press releases but also to establish good relationships with all parts of the business.

Create a partnership relationship with the supplier. Conduct regular reviews and inform them of key strategic decisions that will affect their delivery of services. Request them to proactively monitor the account and to communicate in advance, if possible, any issues that may affect their service.

In my previous blog on 12-24 month IT strategy, I discussed that staff should have access to appropriate research materials. This applies to IT executives aswell. Keep an eye on competitors, attend seminars/conferences, websites and read the industry magazines. Keep yourself sharp on how new/existing  IT trends may alter the scenario.

For example, currently, Google (Chrome) and Microsoft (Azure) are battling it out for cloud computing (The future of IT delivery?).



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I am passionate about IT and its ability to deliver cost effective, value for money solutions that can enhance performance and in many cases provide competitive advantage by using a range of solutions and approaches in innovative ways.

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