Social Media Primer – Succeed by using LinkedIn and blogs


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Social Media fascinates me and I am leveraging this medium to succeed in my career while taking this opportunity to share my learning and experience with all my readers. My objective is to start a discussion where my readers can also share their learning and experience with all of us to build our success together. So, without further ado…

Here are a few resources to succeed on LinkedIn:

1. On the menu bar for LinkedIn (LI) at the top, click on MORE and from the drop down, select LEARNING CENTER. Learn and sharpen your skills in areas where you lack understanding.

2. On the menu bar to the right of MORE, click the drop down, and select GROUPS and search for any groups that you are interested in. The secret is to become a member of groups within your professional field that are either building pretty fast or are the largest groups. Become a member of, for example, Executive Suite , Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group) , Star:Candidate for Hire , Linked Strategies , Future Social Media , Social Media Today, Twitter Strategies , Top Recommended People and any other groups that benefit you in your professional field.

In the example above, if an executive was looking for a job, these would be good groups to join – Executive Suite, Linked: HR and Star: Candidate for Hire (Two have in excess of 150K members and Star candidate is growing quite fast ). The groups, Linked Strategies, Future Social Media, Social Media Today and Twitter Strategies cover a wide spectrum of social media. I personally found, Top Recommended People one of the best groups for thought provoking and active discussions.

The following post by Sean is a good resource to get started.

(Blog-Off II Entry) Are You a LION, Turtle, HoundDog, or Alley Cat? What’s Your LinkedIn Strategy?

3. Go to Flyn Penoyer’s blog, The Online Business Networker . (This site is a mine of information on LinkedIn).

4. Go to: The Online Business Networker Membership site and download all the FREE resources and videos and study them.

5. Read the Linkedin Starter Guide To Success by Randy Schrum

6. Keep visiting Randy’s new Corporate Media site for the latest in social media.

Building your LI network:

For LI to work effectively, build your network to a min of 250 people. Participate in Group activity, Q&A sessions, become actively involved in the social media groups and that will not only build your expertise within that area but will also build your network. Once you participate in discussions and get to know people, send a personal message rather than the default LI one of:

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Mubbisher Ahmed

With, for example:

Hi xyz,

We worked together on the xyz project together at xyz and I would like to invite you to join my network.

PS: if not interested I would be grateful if you would click “archive” and not “I don’t know this person”.

Mubbisher Ahmed

The text in BOLD is very important, as if you get 5 IDK’s (I don’t knows), you can’t send invites out at random and have to know the recipient’s email address!

Blogging and becoming a thought leader:

Start a blog and publicise your blog articles using LinkedIn. The best way is to become a member of relevant groups to you. Each group has a NEWS section. This is where you can share new blogs with LinkedIn users and is an acceptable way to promote your blog by both LI and its users.

You should be able to spot many new blog postings there. Once you have done that, try and come up with a question that you want answered based around your blog and post it in DISCUSSIONS with a link to your blog. You can also use the DISCUSSIONS section to get feedback on areas that you need assistance with etc. The NEWS and DISCUSSIONS section is a great way to generate interest and traffic to your blog.

The idea is for you to be recognised as a thought leader within your field and then build your network.

Use this quick introduction/primer and it will help you succeed in the world of social media.

Please share with me your successes, failures and top tips on using social media effectively. I welcome all comments and once moderated, comments will be available on the blog for the benefit of everyone.


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I am passionate about IT and its ability to deliver cost effective, value for money solutions that can enhance performance and in many cases provide competitive advantage by using a range of solutions and approaches in innovative ways.

6 Responses to Social Media Primer – Succeed by using LinkedIn and blogs

  1. Mark Clayson says:

    social media is an excellent place for drug companies to utilize online support groups, as well as discuss treatments and medications with patients online, this trend will only continue to grow.

  2. mubbisherahmed says:


    I wasn’t aware of this and how it is helping drug companies, so thanks for sharing this with all of us. Do you have a particular social media site aimed at this kind of market or just one of the main stream ones?

  3. Marc says:

    I’m also new to the blogging world and have quickly realized many benifits. By joining a dashboard community, I have learned and shared experiences with several other SME’s in the field.

    • mubbisherahmed says:

      Well, Marc, welcome to the blogging world. Yep and I am glad that you are realising benefits and even better that you have been able to share them with others. Keep it up 😎

  4. mubbisherahmed says:

    Christian Pielow Marketing Assistant at Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) said the following on a social media site:

    Interesting article, it goes without saying social media is becoming increasingly important. However, I do not believe it is necessary to have a minimum number of people in your connections. LinkedIn can work best with 50 extremely close contacts that you know you can count on or who are the leaders in your industry.

    Check out my latest post regarding the use of twitter for an executive –

    Let me know what you think and feel free to include an extract plus a link back to my article on your blog.

    I replied:

    Christian, enjoyed your article and yes, it is becoming increasingly important for senior execs to manage an online presence and it’s all about branding. As execs move through their career, potential opportunities through searches by headhunters etc will be presented to candidates who have an established an online presence and have become thought leaders within their own field of work.

    As you have alluded to, increasingly recruitment will start moving away from job boards and agencies to social media mediums.

    With regards to the minimum number of connections required to make work LI work for you, well, that is a matter of opinion, as there are two camps, open (accept anybody) and closed (Selective). Both work in their own way.

    Yep, I will be dropping these comments into the comments on my blog and your link as well, as it’s a pertinent article to what I have covered.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and btw how can one comment on your post, within your post, as I couldn’t see any comments section?

    • mubbisherahmed says:

      Cheryl Palmer Executive Job Search Accelerator | Industry Transition Specialist | Social Media Strategist | President, Call to Career added:

      I certainly agree tht it is necessary for senior executives to become savvy about social media. You might enjoy an article that I wrote for my blog entitled “Why Executive Job Seekers Need to Join the Social Media Craze”– . It makes a strong business case for executives using social networking in the job search process.

      I replied:

      Cheryl, read your article and certainly enjoyed it and it’s pertinent to my blogpost as well. I will link to it from the comments on my blog so that others may benefit as well.

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