Who am I?

I am currently looking for introductions to organisations that need someone like me (Full time/Interim). Well, what do I mean by that? I have developed skills that I didn’t quite know I really had until people started to inform me that I had them! How can I possibly say that? It’s quite simple. I am quite close to myself because, well, I am me. As we go through life, we subconsciously/consciously develop skills and somehow believe that everyone has those skills and that we all follow the same thought processes. I will let you in on a secret, that’s not true! I am unique, the only one in the world and so are you!

I am a positive thinker, take decisive action, possess extreme management capabilities, excellent at solving complex problems, believe in individuals and that one man can make a difference (Ok, ok, I got that one from Knight Rider – The Hoff version), Teams are called ‘groups’ now as we all know (LinkedIn, Facebook) and I am good at getting the most out of my ‘groups’. I also believe in knowledge sharing, hence this blog where I share my thoughts at no cost – FREE! I am fascinated by Social Media as I find that it allows me to assist and help people and organisations. As such, I am grateful to God for giving me the knowledge to share and the capability to help others. I always look at the bigger, grander picture and how I can apply my skills to help organisations to go from good to great. I have a talent for using a range of solutions and approaches in innovative visionary ways to the benefit of my employers and customers (Sometimes, it’s best to blow your own trumpet).

I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire (UK) a long time ago, around the time Star Trek was the only science fiction programme and when people had Black and White televisions! My kids keep asking me about Tyrannosaurus Rex (As if I was around then!). My family loved change (probably why I find change easy) and moved around a lot. This meant that we spent time in Reading (UK’s current Silicon Valley equivalent, pronounced Redding), Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and returned to the UK in 1987. After various career changes including managing or owning shops and a taxi firm (probably where I developed the business skills), I finally settled in IT, am still passionate about IT and how I can manage the delivery of cost effective, value for money solutions that can enhance performance and in many cases provide competitive advantage!

So, come on then, make the right decision and contact me to find out how we can assist each other.

My contact details are as follows:

E: ahmed@itfindit.com

M: +44 7771 776752





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